Junk Removal List
Appliance Disposal
Appliance Recycling
Appliance Removal
Attic Cleanouts
Bed Removal
Bed Disposal
Box Removal
Box Spring Removal
Building Demolition
Box Removal
Car Removal  w/Title
Cabinet Removal
Cardboard box Removal
Carpet and pad Removal
Chair Removal
Clothing Removal
Commercial Move Out
Computer Disposal
Construction debris Removal
Couch Disposal
Couch Removal
Deceased Home Clean Out
Deck demolition and Removal
Dresser Removal
Dryer Disposal
Dryer Removal
Drywall Disposal
Drywall Removal
Electronic Disposal
Electronics Removal
Eviction Clean Out
Estate Clean Out
Fence demolition and removal 
Foreclosure clean outs
Freezer Disposal
Freezer Removal
Fridge Disposal
Fridge Removal 
Furniture Disposal
Furniture Hauling
Furniture Removal
Futon Removal
Garbage Removal
Garage Clean out
Hauling Service
House Clean Out
Hoarder clean up
Hot water heater Disposal
Hot tub Disposal
Hot tub Removal
Junk Removal
Junk Vehicle Removal
Kitchen Cabinets
Laptop Removal
Large TV Removal
Lawn Debris Removal
Mattress Disposal
Mattress Removal
Metal Disposal
Metal Recycling
Metal Removal
Office clean outs
Remodeling Debris

Paint Disposal
Patio Furniture Removal
Projection TV Removal
Piano Removal
Play set Removal
Refrigerator Disposal
Refrigerator Removal
Riding lawn mower Removal
Rubbish Removal
Sectional Sofa Disposal
Sectional Sofa Removal 
Scrap metal recycling
Shed demolition and Removal
Sofa Disposal
Sofa Removal
Storage unit clean outs
Stove Removal
Swing set Removal
Table Removal
Television Recycling
Television Removal

Tire Disposal

Trailer Removal
T.V. Disposal
T.V. Removal
Trash Removal
Tree debris Removal
Washer Disposal
Washer Removal
Water Damage 
Yard debris Removal


​When you have a serious project that needs to be done, look no further than Swinton and Sons Junk Removal, Florida's leader in the Junk Removal Industry. We are Junk Removal.

Swinton and Sons Junk Removal was founded in 2014 by our current CEO Dennis Swinton. 

In the last three-quarters of a century a lot has changed – technology, recycling methods,  building materials things we use in our daily lives. But, one things remains unchanged – our dedication to doing the best work possible.  We keep an old fashioned attitude about work, and that's that it needs to be done perfectly and when we promised.  More and more, that means relying on hard workers and the best equipment and training possible.

​Hours of operation:     

Mon - fri  7am to 6pm                   

SAT & sun 9am to 6pm



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